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[Release]Barajou no Kiss ch. 27, Lost Universe ch. 8, Junketsu+Kareshi ch. 10

Going bare-bones with this release notification, 'cause BOY DO WE HAVE A LOT OF GROUND TO COVER TONIGHT.

Barajou no Kiss
Volume 6, chapter 27 + 24 Hours with the Roses (HQ, volume scans) + author comments/extras
Author: Shouoto Aya
Pages (total): 43
Size: 14.7mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here

Lost Universe
Volume 2, chapter 8
Author: Yoshinaka Shouko (Based on the novels by Kanzaka Hajime)
Pages (total): 20
Size: 7.4mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here

HOLY SHIT I LOVE EVE, and that is all I will say about our first chapter of Junky Boyfriend.

Moonphase 10 - Night Dress
Author: Shouoto Aya
Pages (total): 36+extras
Size: 13.7mb
Language: English
Download/Read online here

Also, we need donations. Baaaadly. Domain renewal is coming up on Thursday, neither me nor Melly are paid until Friday, and after my back injury took me off work for a few days, cash ended up SUPER TIGHT. Worst case scenario, TP might be down a couple of days, but that opens up a window where basically anyone can take it from us. True story. So if you've thought about donating but refrained in the past, now *might* be a good time to make good on that. SPANKS, BROSKIS.
Tags: barajou no kiss, junketsu+kareshi, lost universe, we need money
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